Consumers all across the globe are paying an extremely high price for electricity. And in some cases, due to pervasive blackouts and rolling brownouts, the supply of continuous grid-based electricity is never assured. But now, thanks to rapid strides in Photovoltaic (PV) technologies of late, there has been a significant fall in the prices of solar panels. This is now fueling talk that Solar air conditioner users will soon have solar grid parity. This means that, in the near future, they will have the ability to produce solar electricity at the same price as conventional power.

Advantages of solar air conditioners

Solar Air Conditioners System is an innovation made to reduce the application of electricity for peopleor companies who installs such a system inside their offices or homes. Instead of using ordinary electricity to power up those conventional air conditioners which can be very expensive, this innovation allows you to save up on costs because it is powered largely by solar technology. It is always best to use in places where theres an abundance of sunlight. This system will certainlybecome the most cost-effective solution in reducing the temperature in one place.There are 2 types of solar air-con systems. These are be solar absorption air conditioning unitand solar desiccant units. This technique works once the solar technology that is gathered in tothe solar collector or tube solar thermal panels. The solar collector basically works much likesolar hot water heaters. The force collected from your suns heat would be collected and storedfrom it. After which the thermal energy can be utilized in the solar powered chillers using CornGlycol that was designed to power up the performance and life of a solar thermal system.The tube collectors are recognized to be the most beneficial producer of solar domestic hotwater which causes the absorption chillers to operate effectively and efficiently. The absorptionchillers are powered by heat and make use of no harmful CFCs for example Freon and the like.It is used by cooling and heating water through the process of evaporation and condensation.The chillers releases cold air by blowing it over a water-saturated material as well as the solartechnology is used to increase the machines motors and fan. Also, solar absorption chillers arelow maintenance and consumes if none only minimal levels of electricity which results in asubstantial lowering of operating costs. In countries experiencing cold temperatures like snow,these solar air conditioners would likewise be able to give out heat which allows you not touse your heating system.Air con system provides many benefits such as being cost effective. Normally, it will take lots ofmoney so that you can run an air conditioning system by having a cell. However with this newinnovation, people can help to save up to 80% of costs in installation, electricity andmaintenance. Another significant advantage is it doesnt require solar power panels to run thetube solar thermal collectors are the ones collecting the thermal the suns energy and uses it toperform the environment conditioning system. Lets also take into account the main benefit ofbeing beneficial to our environment because there are no chemicals employed in operatingthese solar air conditioning units.As compared to conventional air conditioning operating throughout the hottest time during theday which results to high power grid demands, solar air con offers if not none, minimal powerdemand even during its peak usage. It will ll then cause a significant drop in electricity costs,maintenance costs, fewer power outages and blackouts and reduced CFC or greenhouse gasemissions.